Texas boasts 3 of America’s friendliest cities — and one of the rudest

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Texas is home to some of the friendliest — and rudest — places in the country. This is according to Travel + Leisure readers, who ranked 400 U.S. destinations on 70 different features for this year’s America’s Favorite Places survey, resulting in lists for friendliest and … not-so-friendly places. Unsurprisingly, the South ran away with the top 20 in terms of friendly folks, with San Antonio being named the friendliest city in America. Houston is…

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New luxury ride-hailing service rolls into Austin with elite offerings

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http://austin.culturemap.com/news/innovation/07-07-16-icars-luxury-car-service-austin/It was only a matter of time before a fresh new car service rolled into Austin. The latest offers luxury, executive-level service for business travelers, the hospitality industry, and savvy locals alike.

A mix between Uber and your own personal chauffeur, iCars launched in San Francisco earlier this year and debuted in Austin this month. The innovative service allows individuals to book immediate and future rides, while also providing third parties (think hotel concierge or…

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Then theres always the luxury ride rentals that you dream about and maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who rented a Ferrari for $1000 a day. Well, that’s sounded fun.

Save up and do it for yourself.  It will change your freaking life.. Greg

Then there’s Ride Austin about to roll out the summer of 2016.. wait, that’s now. lets go check them out.

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McDonald’s stacks menu with Lone Star burger for Texans only

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mcdonalds-texas-burgerTexas is brimming with sophisticated restaurants and gems that make national headlines, but occasionally you may find yourself at that American roadside mainstay: McDonald’s. Well goody for you (and we promise not to judge), because you can go Texan under the Golden Arches for the time being. Through August 28, you can indulge in McDonald’s newest menu item: the Lone Star Stack, winner of the fast-food chain’s Burger Showdown. The burger was submitted by Houstonian…