Fast Startup Business Ideas That You Can Do Today

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Today, there are a lot of business ideas that we can start immediately inside in the comfort of our own homes.

Even if you decide to go out and leave the house, there are still a lot of business ideas and opportunities that is possible to start without requiring a lot of  time and resources.

15 business ideas you can start today

Starting a business today no longer requires months or market research and thousands of dollars to get started. You can simply stay in your pajamas, although I wouldn’t recommend that, and… Read more at Mashable

You may think it’s too good to be true but if you just take the time to assess these ideas, we can actually be start with less that $100.

Quick Business Startups

101 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $100

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? If so, what’s holding you back? If not having enough money to get started, then I’ve got some excellent news for you. You can start countless businesses for under a $100… Read more at


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Silicon Valley Firms Invests $3.1M to Drone Mapping Startup

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Sydney-based drone mapping startup Propeller Aero gets $3.1 million investment from Silicon Valley firms. Now, Propeller Aero plans to upgrade their research and development team.

Silicon Valley VCs raise millions for an Aussie drone mapping startup

In 2014 Rory San Miguel and Francis Vierboom made a bet that not all drone companies would actually need to fly drones, and it seems to be paying off.

On Wednesday their company Propeller Aero, which transforms data captured by drones into survey-grade 3D maps for mining and construction sites, announced it had raised a $3.1 million (A$4 million) funding round.

As well as local venture capital firm Blackbird Ventures, U.S. players Accel Partners and Costanoa Venture Capital have also… Read more at Mashable

AeroPoints provides technology and solutions for accuracy and efficiency of commercial drones. This will help drone users to perform more accurate mapping and surveying.

Drone Mapping Startup

Propeller’s game-changing ‘AeroPoints’ simplify aerial surveying

Aerial surveys by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS, or drones) have been generating a lot of attention in surveying and mapping circles due to a potential revolution in productivity. However, one of the limiting factors to date has been the need to accurately determine ground controls points (GCPs) to spatially define the location of captured data.

To overcome this, Sydney-based Propeller Aero have created the first complete workflow with the release of their new AeroPoints ground control point system, which automatically… Read more at SpatialSource

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“Backward” Approach to Start-Up Funding

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This software company has a unique approach on how to establish a successful business start-up.

Xero’s success story is now gaining grip in the U.S.A. They’ve also announced their partnership with Wells Fargo.

How One Software Startup Made It by Doing Everything Backwards

It’s rare for a startup to go public almost within one year of being founded. But then again, how many startups do you know from Wellington, New Zealand?

Xero makes cloud-based accounting software for small business and they bucked the Silicon Valley roadmap by not waiting to “fully mature” before listing on the stock exchange. “We’ve done everything backwards,” its ebullient founder and CEO Rod Drury told Mashable. “We’ve listed first, then… Read more at Mashable

Xero’s road to success also had its challenges and struggles to the point that it had made a loss in the public eye for almost ten years. Here are 4 Lessons Xero Boss Chris Ridd Learned in Going From Start-Up to Market Leader.
Building a software company in Australia, where until recently the government’s focus had been on the resources industry, wasn’t an easy feat.Leading Xero in Australia for five years until March 31, we managed to transition from a scrappy start-up to a market leader in a brand new category: cloud-based accounting. Here are some of the things I… Read more at

Five Game-Changing Companies Dominating Their Industry

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Five Game-Changing CompaniesIn today’s fast-paced lifestyle and sky-high expectations, companies are more challenged than ever to come up with the best, most innovative solutions to our problems. We become more demanding every day (can we say donut delivery?), and more dependent on technology to do, well, anything.

There has been a shift in the real estate arena in recent years as the rise of big tech companies sweep the industry. Windly co-founder and CEO David Silva saw an opportunity to use technology in assisting the process agents go through on a daily basis to get deals done.

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This is the story of a Mom + Pop shop in an industry dominated by corporate powerhouses. This is the story of the Ratajski family and their handmade, hand-painted guitar pedals.

Angel Investors v. “Angel” Investors

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The term “angel” investor has connotations that in reality don’t apply to a significant portion of early-stage seed investors outside of Silicon Valley.

Classic comedy from actor playing a Silicon Valley investor on the TV show “Silicon Valley” on HBO

Historically, angel investors were very wealthy individuals who’d take big, almost irrational (from a risk-adjusted perspective) bets on entrepreneurs for reasons that go well-beyond a profit motive. Many “angels” that you’ll encounter as an entrepreneur, however, […]

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Texas-born app finds big investor support Austin

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kim-shrum-Key-Travel-ConciergeKey Travel Concierge Inc., a provider of on-demand personal assistants for travelers, raised $3.7 million of a planned $4.7 million series A round of funding.

The Austin startup plans to use the capital for product development and continued market expansion. It received the capital from 19 investors, according to a Tuesday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Investors included California-based Wildcat Venture Partners and ATX Seed Ventures, the company said in a statement.

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The Top 17 Business Startups to Launch So Far in 2016

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Katerina Markov Schneider

Katerina Markov Schneider, founder and CEO of Ritual

Great businesses can be launched any time, even when there’s a downturn in funding.

While the start of 2016 might have spelled trouble for some well-established startups, it also saw the birth of companies tackling things like a cure for cancer, superfast internet, and competition for Uber.

Business Insider spoke to founders and venture capitalists and took a look at funding data to identify some of the startups that had the biggest starts in 2016. Some names on the list are officially launching out of stealth, while others are still in their early months of forming a company.

Here are 17 of the top startups to launch so far in 2016.

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Austin Cycling Advocates Seek $150 Million dollars From City Coffers To Develop More secure Courses

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AUSTIN, Texas — The Urban Transport Commission is looking for $150M from the City of Austin to develop its Master Bicycle Plan focused on making the highways much safer for bicycle riders.

Bike Austin authorities are intending to use the money to establish secured bike paths to motivate more to ride. The company suggests that it might eliminate thousands of automobiles from entering into central Austin each day.

row of bicyclesOne location they are looking at for more bike-friendly access is in Northern Austin at N. Lamar Blvd. & Rundberg Lane. The crossway is void of walkways and also does not have shoulder room and bike lanes.

Council Member Greg Casar from District 4 in Austin states that North Austin takes place to be the part of the city that has a majority of small children as well, raising the urgent need for safe and secure bike courses.

“This is the juncture that we require active transport alternatives with safer bike lanes so households can run their daily errands or to and from school and not stress over being hit by a car”.

Bike Austin says that making the best budget friendly methods of transport, strolling and biking, much safer will assist the estimated forty percent of regular bike riders who earn less than $25 grand a year.

Another point raised about abandoning the car in favor of a bike: The significant cost savings from fuel expenses.

If the volume of bicyclists in Austin meets advocates’ goal, then thousands of vehicles could possibly be removed from downtown traffic each week.

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Getting New Startup Businesses a Boost in Texas

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Setting up a business can be a risky venture but also rewarding as well depending on how well you plan and prepare. And to the benefit of small start-ups Texas has a very start-up friendly ambiance. In fact, the economy of the state is heavily reliant on small businesses. 2.2 million small businesses are currently thriving in the great state of Texas making it one of the largest home grown business states in the union.

texas-infographA number of factors come into the favor of those starting up a business in Texas. First of all, the demography is extremely favorable. There is considerable local demand for any product or service in the highly populated state. Simultaneously, skilled work force is abundantly available. The reasonable cost of living adds to the economic favourability of Texas.

The governmental policies are designed to enhance the growth of small business. Low tax, predictable regulatory environment make the attitude of Texas very welcoming towards entrepreneurs. “Texas Wide Open for Business” is a government initiative to assist small businesses in the setting up phase.

Minority-owned Business Enterprise and Women-owned Business Enterprise are two other government initiatives to promote entrepreneurship among the minority and womenfolk. There are 725,000 women and minority owned small businesses in the state.

The legal procedure of starting up a business is not very cumbersome in Texas.texas-startups

The first step is deciding on a business structure and choosing a name for the company. Legal business structure in Texas are of the following types:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Registered Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Corporation

A location needs to be determined for setting up the office.

In sole proprietorship, the business needs to be filed with an assumed name at the County Clerk’s Office. It is ensured that the chosen name of the company is unique in the County. The assumed name holds good for ten years.

In other cases, the filing takes place through the office of Texas Secretary State

Next, the tax responsibilities need to be determined on the federal, state, and, local level. This step is very crucial. The governing bodies of the federal and state tax are International Revenue Service, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, respectively. In case of Austin, the local tax governing body is Travis County Appraisal District. To understand the tax related laws, refer to the guidelines of these organizations.

It is advised that entrepreneurs seek the advice’s of a professional tax consultant, for any assistance.

Procurement of legal authorization comes next in the list. In this start up friendly state, no “general” business license is required. But based on the type of product or service being sold by the company, it might need to possess some legal documents of certain controlling agencies. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation can provide help in this regard.

Solicit the advice of an attorney to determine which licenses, permits, certifications, registrations or authorizations are necessary, in federal, state and local level.

After deciding on the employer requirements in federal and state level, follow the proper legal procedure while recruiting them. A thorough knowledge of the labor, safety and reporting laws guiding employment of a personnel is essential.

The Texas Work Force Commission dictates the information regarding state and local employment tax responsibilities. For the federal level, International Revenue Service is the governing organization.

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5 Effective Things I Have Found That Startup Businesses Can Implement

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start sign on road on gregmikesell.comWhen you’re planning to launch your new business as a startup and depending on your previous experience or previous business training, several minor issues you need to pay attention to that can snowball into bigger problems rather quickly if you dont plan and deal with them in the beginning.

This will leave you overwhelmed and frazzled really quickly.

For any startup businesses, using the right marketing techniques can mean the difference between losing a customer and attracting and retaining one. Given below are some tried and tested things I have used and have seen success with that will help your startup business get an edge over the others.

  1. Speak of the benefits not the features:

Your startup may be involved in selling a truly innovative product that is brimming with some of the latest features. It may be truly world – class but if it offers no benefit to your potential customer there is a very slim chance that you’ll make any sales at all. One of the prime rules of marketing for a startup business is to help come up with a solution to your ideal audience’s problems. Once you’ve done that, your products or services will sell like hot cakes.

  1. Use SEO and Social Media to increase your reach:

It goes without saying that if you are contemplating running a startup, having a strong online presence and building your reputation is of extreme importance.

Through the online medium, you can not only target your local region whether your a local brick and mortar business or not, but also make your products or services a global phenomenon. In order to make this actually happen, you need to get your SEO and Social Media game strong by learning how to effectively use keywords and other social techniques that will bring you closer to your ideal audience.

Consult a good online marketing company that can consult with you, help you through the initial stages of your startup to build your online presence.

  1. Don’t keep delaying your marketing plans:

You need to realize the simple fact that the market is currently rife with competition. Therefore, attracting your customer and retaining them may be a lot more difficult than you think. For this very reason it is important that you get working on implementing your marketing strategies from the get go. Again, consulting a good local online marketing company will give you the edge you need to get a clear and concise idea of what to do.

  1. Focus on creating a strong brand identity:

When you look at some of the finest companies and products today, the first thing that comes to your mind is its identity – the colors, logo, designs that are associated with a certain brand. It is important that you look at your own startup in that way and create a strong and focused brand that your customers can relate to.go for it logo for business on

It may seem a little expensive at first to invest in creating a strong brand identity but eventually you’ll realize that it was an investment well worth your effort and time.

  1. Let your startup revolve around your customers:

One of the most ignored marketing tips is that many small businesses lack the effort and desire to make their customers the center of attention. You really need to study and understand your customers, their likes, dislikes and the choices that they make to fully exploit your marketing abilities.

Group like – minded customers together and sell just to them. Make your product personable and something that is solely customer focused instead of solely starting a startup with the intention of making sales.

These are just a few samples and ideas I have that will really give you a headstart and help you to possibly re-think how you are going to move your new business forward in these modern time. I hope these few marketing tips I’ve share with you will help you skyrocket your startup business. Best of luck to you!

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Three Interesting Facts about Billionaire Larry Ellison

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Larry Ellison of OracleOracle Corporation is a computer technology powerhouse co-founded by Larry Ellison.

Based in the United States in Silicon Valley, it has impacted the world ever since its first database product entered the market back in it’s startup days in the late 1970’s.

Now, Oracle’s solutions touch back-office aspects of many businesses that most consumers may not even know about, yet almost everything is powered by Oracle.

Some reports have gone as far as to declare that about 98% of all Fortune 500 companies use software or components from Oracle Corporation.

At the forefront of Oracle is its co-founder Larry Ellison. Quite the personality, much has been said and published about his many achievements and colorful personal life. And here are three interesting tidbits about him:

1. To-date he’s donated upwards of 1% of his 54 billion fortune.

Apart from signing The Giving Pledge together with 40 other billionaires including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, Larry Ellison has steadily given to his charitable causes of choice throughout the years. He has given a significant amount for education and medical research. And he has made some controversial donations to The Friends of Israel Defense Forces and the United States government. Many of his other philanthropic donations have been private.

2. He dropped out of college.

Not unlike a number of successful tech personalities, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison opted to forego completing his university degree. He dropped out of the University of Illinois before he could take his second year final exams. The decision was made around the time his adoptive mother had passed away.

3. Oracle was inspired by a paper made by Edward F. Codd.

Edward F. Codd is an English computer scientist best known for developing the general theory of data management. He is also credited for inventing the relational model for database management during his employment at IBM. His paper entitled “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks”.

Edward was Larry Ellison’s main inspiration for bringing Oracle to life and it’s software development.