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start sign on road on gregmikesell.comWhen you’re planning to launch your new business as a startup and depending on your previous experience or previous business training, several minor issues you need to pay attention to that can snowball into bigger problems rather quickly if you dont plan and deal with them in the beginning.

This will leave you overwhelmed and frazzled really quickly.

For any startup businesses, using the right marketing techniques can mean the difference between losing a customer and attracting and retaining one. Given below are some tried and tested things I have used and have seen success with that will help your startup business get an edge over the others.

  1. Speak of the benefits not the features:

Your startup may be involved in selling a truly innovative product that is brimming with some of the latest features. It may be truly world – class but if it offers no benefit to your potential customer there is a very slim chance that you’ll make any sales at all. One of the prime rules of marketing for a startup business is to help come up with a solution to your ideal audience’s problems. Once you’ve done that, your products or services will sell like hot cakes.

  1. Use SEO and Social Media to increase your reach:

It goes without saying that if you are contemplating running a startup, having a strong online presence and building your reputation is of extreme importance.

Through the online medium, you can not only target your local region whether your a local brick and mortar business or not, but also make your products or services a global phenomenon. In order to make this actually happen, you need to get your SEO and Social Media game strong by learning how to effectively use keywords and other social techniques that will bring you closer to your ideal audience.

Consult a good online marketing company that can consult with you, help you through the initial stages of your startup to build your online presence.

  1. Don’t keep delaying your marketing plans:

You need to realize the simple fact that the market is currently rife with competition. Therefore, attracting your customer and retaining them may be a lot more difficult than you think. For this very reason it is important that you get working on implementing your marketing strategies from the get go. Again, consulting a good local online marketing company will give you the edge you need to get a clear and concise idea of what to do.

  1. Focus on creating a strong brand identity:

When you look at some of the finest companies and products today, the first thing that comes to your mind is its identity – the colors, logo, designs that are associated with a certain brand. It is important that you look at your own startup in that way and create a strong and focused brand that your customers can relate to.go for it logo for business on

It may seem a little expensive at first to invest in creating a strong brand identity but eventually you’ll realize that it was an investment well worth your effort and time.

  1. Let your startup revolve around your customers:

One of the most ignored marketing tips is that many small businesses lack the effort and desire to make their customers the center of attention. You really need to study and understand your customers, their likes, dislikes and the choices that they make to fully exploit your marketing abilities.

Group like – minded customers together and sell just to them. Make your product personable and something that is solely customer focused instead of solely starting a startup with the intention of making sales.

These are just a few samples and ideas I have that will really give you a headstart and help you to possibly re-think how you are going to move your new business forward in these modern time. I hope these few marketing tips I’ve share with you will help you skyrocket your startup business. Best of luck to you!

Greg Mikesell:  More about Greg MIkesell here.

About Greg Mikesell

Greg Mikesell is the Chief Operating Officer at Principle Health Group, an ancillary laboratory services provider in Austin, Texas.

Greg brings years of experience in finance and business management to his healthcare background with an emphasis in physician relations, market research, data analysis and business planning.

Greg graduated cum laude from the University of Texas with a BBA in Accounting where he completed an independent study on the purchase of LASIK equipment for private practice that utilized discounted cash flow models and selective market research and data analysis. He also completed a year of Nursing Education at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Greg's passion is helping physicians succeed in their practices through access to the best laboratory services possible for their patients.

One thought on “5 Effective Things I Have Found That Startup Businesses Can Implement
    Lucas says:

    Great tips here. I’ve been doing some leather business on the side for a while now, and as it has gotten more popular through word of mouth locally, I’m looking to expand to online and go further out. Thanks for all these tips. Hopefully, the popularity will remain as I expand my business.

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