Beach Sunrise by Bee Creek Photography

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We had started working our way down the beach as the sunrise was slightly above the horizon when we shot this one and loved the look of the underside of the pier and the sunrise reflecting on the water and beach as the the surf roll in and you can see a few sea weed washed up on the beach to make for a pretty seascape along the Texas coast. For more of these images please check out our website at

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Matagorda Bay Sunrise Perfection

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Check out this astounding photo from the Gulf of Mexico by Jerod Foster! Says he, “In my opinion, the Texas Gulf Coast is underrated, especially when just about every sunrise and sunset I have seen there is the equivalent of what you see [here]….

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Take a look at the full size photo and all of his incredible photos here:

Photo of the Day – Matagorda Bay Sunrise |

I recently spent a day on the Gulf of Mexico with the Texas division of The Nature Conservancy. I’m documenting their efforts in restoring a sizable oyster habitat on Half Moon Reef. The reef is located in Matagorda Bay, about …