This man’s Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonation ended painfully

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LONDON — There’s a lesson here. If you ever get the urge to pour two cans of beer into your face and then attempt a backflip, make sure there’s nobody around to film the outcome.

The guy in the video below was either feeling very confident or didn’t realise there were multiple camera phones tracking his every movement.

You’ve got to hand it to him: he really committed to that backflip.


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Holiday travel in 1941 was just as miserable as today, with no iPhones in sight

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Image: John Collier/Library of Congress

The conventional wisdom that the days around Thanksgiving and Christmas mark the busiest travel time of the year is not strictly accurate — summer weekends actually claim the top spots in terms of air and road traffic.

Nevertheless, the hordes of people crowding onto planes, trains and buses during the holidays has long given the impression that seemingly everyone is traveling at once

On Christmas Eve 1941, before air travel became an affordable option, Office of War Information photographer John Collier captured the teeming crowds of anxious travelers iphone-6s-minimoving through the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Washington, D.C. Read more…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger fantasizes about life as a Jedi just like the rest of us

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Even the Terminator wants to be a Jedi.

This video, uploaded to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Facebook account, reveals that the Governator has been fantasizing about being a Jedi leading up to The Force Awakens, just like the rest of us.

Unlike most Jedi, Schwarzenegger’s mastery of the force (and, we’re guessing, his very large biceps) apparently allows him to just straight up hold the blade and rub it along his arm without being hurt at all

Hey, whatever, we’d be down to see a cameo.

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Renaming of Austin school runs into crowdsourced chaos

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Has America learned nothing from the saga of Boaty McBoatface?

In an effort to rename an elementary school currently named for Confederate general Robert E. Lee, an Austin school is finding out that when you ask the public for suggestions, you better be prepared for an onslaught of silly.

In March, officials decided to recommend changing the name of the school after public feedback in the wake of last June’s deadly Charleston, South Carolina church shootings. The white supremacy symbols and literature that have been associated with the alleged shooter, Dylann Roof, caused a ripple effect that has prompted a reconsideration of some objects named for Confederate leaders.  Read more…

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In 1994, Vin Diesel wore a leather vest and sold shark toys

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“I don’t have friends, I got family. Also shark toys. I have several shark toys. They are my family too.” – Vin Diesel.

A 1994 clip of a vest-with-nothing-under-it and shark tooth necklace-clad Vin Diesel has appeared online, in which the Fast and Furious star/Facebook juggernaut shows viewers how to play with Street Sharks toys

“Say hello to that round mound of pound, and his powerslam,” says Diesel, revealing a shark action figure with a troll doll in its mouth.

Would it be weird to set up a play date, Vin?

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Man proposes to girlfriend 148 times without her realising

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LONDON — There are so many innovative wedding proposals online these days, it’s hard to pull off something new.

Ray Smith from Grimsby was struggling to think of a novel way to pop the question to his pregnant girlfriend Claire Bramley when he hit upon an idea that can’t have been done before: ask her 148 times without her realising.

He took a selfie every day for five months, hiding the message “Will you marry me” on a piece of card in each picture with Claire kept in the dark until he was ready to ask her for real, on Christmas Day last year. To ensure she didn’t realise, he told her he wanted to document her ongoing pregnancy. He kicked things off in July last year. Read more…

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Report: Apple will reveal new 4-inch iPhone, iPad Air 3 on March 15

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Mid March is the new Christmas, at least for Apple fans, it seems.

This is very cool how Apple turns and leads the market no matter what they do, its like they can look into the future. read more..

A new report from prolific Apple rumor distributor Mark Gurman at 9to5 Mac says Apple will hold its next event on March 15. The company will reportedly unveil a new 4-inch iPhone to replace the aging iPhone 5S as well as an updated iPad Air. The Apple Watch is also rumored to get some incremental updates.

If the report is true, this would mark the second year in a row Apple has held a March event. Last year the company unveiled the new ultra-thin MacBook at a March event, which also served as the official launch announcement of the Apple Watch. Read more…

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Film bloggers’ ‘most anticipated’ Sundance 2016 movies are…

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PARK CITY, Utah — Choosing the “most anticipated” Sundance films is like ranking still-wrapped Christmas presents: the appealingly big, heavy package might turn out to be a used bowling ball, while the keys to the new Lexus were in the little box all along. Silly you!

But year after year, we do it anyway — respected film journalists and bloggers post “most anticipated” Sundance lists with little more to go on than an intriguing director (not reliable) an interesting logline (less reliable), and/or a cast whose names we recognize (least reliable, by far). We don’t even have trailers for these movies, people. This is truly some dart-throwing, and it’s all in good fun. Read more…

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Choosing family over Christmas gifts isn’t as heartwarming as it sounds

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It’s actually better than it sounds. Watch it here…

A new holiday video is warming hearts and touching nerves.

In “The Other Christmas Gift,” created by the agency Rob Bliss Creative for UPtv, five kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta — all from low-income families — are asked to name their ideal holiday gift. Their responses are predictable kid answers: a computer, an Xbox, a toy truck.

Then the kid, who are between ages 6 and 10, are told they have two options: They can take home the gift they picked or opt to take home a gift that their parents want for Christmas (a coffeemaker, a new TV, a ring). Read more…

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