Angel Investors v. “Angel” Investors

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The term “angel” investor has connotations that in reality don’t apply to a significant portion of early-stage seed investors outside of Silicon Valley.

Classic comedy from actor playing a Silicon Valley investor on the TV show “Silicon Valley” on HBO

Historically, angel investors were very wealthy individuals who’d take big, almost irrational (from a risk-adjusted perspective) bets on entrepreneurs for reasons that go well-beyond a profit motive. Many “angels” that you’ll encounter as an entrepreneur, however, […]

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Three Interesting Facts about Billionaire Larry Ellison

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Larry Ellison of OracleOracle Corporation is a computer technology powerhouse co-founded by Larry Ellison.

Based in the United States in Silicon Valley, it has impacted the world ever since its first database product entered the market back in it’s startup days in the late 1970’s.

Now, Oracle’s solutions touch back-office aspects of many businesses that most consumers may not even know about, yet almost everything is powered by Oracle.

Some reports have gone as far as to declare that about 98% of all Fortune 500 companies use software or components from Oracle Corporation.

At the forefront of Oracle is its co-founder Larry Ellison. Quite the personality, much has been said and published about his many achievements and colorful personal life. And here are three interesting tidbits about him:

1. To-date he’s donated upwards of 1% of his 54 billion fortune.

Apart from signing The Giving Pledge together with 40 other billionaires including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, Larry Ellison has steadily given to his charitable causes of choice throughout the years. He has given a significant amount for education and medical research. And he has made some controversial donations to The Friends of Israel Defense Forces and the United States government. Many of his other philanthropic donations have been private.

2. He dropped out of college.

Not unlike a number of successful tech personalities, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison opted to forego completing his university degree. He dropped out of the University of Illinois before he could take his second year final exams. The decision was made around the time his adoptive mother had passed away.

3. Oracle was inspired by a paper made by Edward F. Codd.

Edward F. Codd is an English computer scientist best known for developing the general theory of data management. He is also credited for inventing the relational model for database management during his employment at IBM. His paper entitled “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks”.

Edward was Larry Ellison’s main inspiration for bringing Oracle to life and it’s software development.