San Antonio Spurs Perfect Taco Media Coverage Plus Preview 2017

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The Spurs sat down to taco…

’bout the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions: tacos.

Dewayne Dedmon, Danny Green, LaMarcus Aldridge, Jonathon Simmons and Patty Mills all dished on how they like their tacos, reaching a general consensus: cheese and soft tortillas are needed. Most kept things simple, but Mills spoke of more refined taco tastes.


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Video: San Antonio Spurs discuss what makes a ‘perfect taco’


San Antonio Spurs Media Day 2016: Live coverage

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San Antonio Spurs Media Day 2016: Live coverage

San Antonio Spurs | 2016-17 NBA Preview (Rank #2)

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Final Stretch! Sports (Thursday’s)

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Misfits FC


All games were spectacular and finished with tight score lines. Misfits FC and Silence of the Lahms played a very skillful match between the two teams. Lahms had just the right amount of girls, meaning they were forced to play the whole game with no rest. It was all tied up with about two minutes to play, when suddenly Misfits scored a goal to go up one.  Lahms used the remainder of the time to shove a ball in the back of the net, and it looked as if they just might.  However after multiple shots on goal, a ball leaked out and a Misfits female was able to tuck away the ball and the win. Read full story here:


To round of the rest of the night, Arce-elona fell to Game of Throw-Ins, 16-14, and Ivory Toast topped Dillon Panthers, 21-14.

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